Sunday, May 6, 2012

                                              Week four  (I still excited by week3)

I've got to admit that I couldn't really read everything, had a tough week but as I went through some reading I keep finding good sites,  and those links shared by my classmates too. I just get so excited to have people to share my links with and from whom I can also be sure the links really work. As we this goes on all of us will have so many links and sites from where to take the ideas from, and using the ABCD objectives to keep things in control.
Writing is a problem in my country, since the students  are not motivated to practice these, or if so, it's in such a  robotic way, it's not surprising to find that some students can express themselves better when writing in English this is because only n their English class they're motivated to write their thoughts.
The website  BREAKING NEWS ENGLISH has some interesting reading and writings guide. I definitely  going to share this with my mates from work.
On one of the posts on nicenet was to write about the problem that your group has. I wrote that my students are very talkative in their own language but when it comes to use English they just paralyze, I had my usual meeting on Fridays, time when all the teachers from the institute sit and talk about how their classes are going, the surprise was that they also have the same situation that I mentioned previously.
I hope I can finally find some activities to make them take what they know from inside out.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

WEEK three

          Week three started, in my opinion, the best way ever, with on of the websites that I've always wanted, ''A link saver'' named Delicious, I already saved my favorites sites but there's more and more and more. My classmates are sharing useful sites too, such a great site! Thanks to this course now I know it actually exists.
            I'm enchanted by week 3 hope you are too. I want to write more here,  but there are many sites to check to save on Delicious

Saturday, April 21, 2012

                                                          WEEK TWO

      Well it started with Jodi's weekly message which I was anxiously waiting. One of the task was to use any other search engine but GOOGLE to figure out which one would you recommend, well I could picture myself using any other engine, I'm so used to use google than I thought it was impossible but there's actually many others good ones too.
      Next, Read and post about ABCD objectives, this was new for me, I haven't read about that before. I actually read first all of the post already made on nicenet to think and post my idea, this is really helpful, you can learn by what Jodi or Celeste suggests to others.
      So far I found so many things to read, haven't read all of my classmate's posts yet but I will. Week two, while I'm writing this (20:20pm Paraguay) it's still on.
      Now that I read all of the messages sent on my gmail account, I'll continue reading what everybody posted.

Hope all of you are enjoying the course too


Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog 

        Hello everybody, this should the post where I write something that shows how I am, and what I think. So let me start by saying that I applied for a on-line course last year without hope of being chosen, 3 months later when I've already forgotten about it, I've received a call from Cristina (works for the Embassy) tellling me that I was selected!!! I was really happy with that news, couldn't stop smiling the whole day, since I got the news I started saving money to buy my own laptop  so I can go on with the course during breaks at school, plus using it in my classes which by the way is already a tool being used. I'm really into internet tools, and anxious to learn from you all.